AirtimeAbove Hang Gliding

We Teach Gravitational Avoidance

AirtimeAbove Hang Gliding

We Teach Gravitational Avoidance

AirtimeAbove Hang Gliding

We Teach Gravitational Avoidance

AirtimeAbove Hang Gliding

We Teach Gravitational Avoidance

Hang Gliding Lessons and Training program

The Airtime Above Hang Gliding school is designed to teach you the art of Foot Launch, Flying and Landing a hang glider. We utilize the latest in training methods and equipment to do so. This includes launching off of a hill and foot launch by Scooter tow. Our program is geared toward taking you from not knowing how to fly a hang glider to your USHPA Novice rating. This is the rating that the USHPA and FAA say you need to fly a hang glider on your own. Flying in Colorado can be challenging and very rewarding with the proper skills.

Lessons in Colorado can take any where from 3 month to a year depending on you schedule and the Weather.
Lessons can be scheduled both weekends and week days weather permitting.
Lesson may be from 4 to 8 hour days (or longer).

Prices subject to change at any time.
All ratings are earned not purchased.

Intro Lessons Price ($350)

A 2 day intro lesson is designed to start you on the road towards learning how to foot launch and fly a Hang Glider on your own. We start out with set up and preflight of the glider. Then we work on learning to ground handle and run with the glider. Once you can successfully ground handle the glider with the harness, we then try and get you some short flights in a glider, just a few feet off the ground doing a foot launch. This allows you to find out how to foot launch in a controlled and safe manner while getting your first solo flights in a Hang Glider. Also included is a 30 day membership in the USHPA.

Intro Lesson Cost may be rolled into the Unlimited Lesson Package.


Lessons by the Day Price ($175.00)

This allows you to pay for lessons as you go. You can use this plan to fit lessons into your budget. A 30 day USHPA membership is included with the first lesson if lessons are bought individually. (Must be a Member of the USHPA or hold a current USHPA Rating and Membership)

Unlimited lessons to a novice rating Price ( $2000.00)

This program allows you to progress at your pace and take as many lessons you need to reach the Novice rating. All students learn at different levels and in Colorado there are lot of flying days where the weather shuts us down. So this program will let you progress at a rate that fits your schedule and the weather. This plan can be broken down into 2 payments. With this plan you may earn your Beginner rating, Novice rating, Foot launch rating, Surface Tow rating, Flat slope Launch rating and a USHPA radio rating. All ratings fees are paid for by the plan as you earn them. A USHPA 1 year membership is also included.

All equipment to learn how to fly is furnished in lessons.

Once you are sure you want to stay in the Aviation Sport of flying Hang Gliders, we can then help you get into proper equipment that fits you're flying needs, style and budget. This process can start simply with buying a helmet and then moving up in gear as you progress toward your Novice rating.

Scooter tows after lessons Price $10 per tow

This allows you to stay current and keep you're flying skills up to date.

Other lessons and programs

We offer lesson and help for you to reach the skills necessary for all other more advanced ratings and special skills in Hang Gliding.

We also offer Platform Tow Training. (currently not available)

Tandem flights are currently not available

Advanced launch and landing lessons are also available.

Lessons are group lessons. If private lessons are needed, please call for pricing and availability.

What to wear, bring or not bring the day of the lesson

We suggest that you dress for the outdoor weather of Colorado.
1. Shoes that you can run in.
2. Long pants or sweat pants that you can put over shorts.
3. Light Jacket in the fall and spring
4. Hat for sun protection when not flying.

Other things to bring or think about bringing to different sites as we are often out all day and want to be comfortable.
1. Water (we always supply some but it is good to have extra on hot days)
2. Sun screen and bug spray
3. Folding chair (good at the tow field)
4. Light lunch

Things not to bring to make it fun and safe
1. Dogs (I love them but flying and dogs don’t mix when learning)
2. Children (Children take full time attention so do lessons)
3. Work
(303) 674-2451